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We know you’re out there working flat out, harder than ever. - Shouldn’t all of your media channels be Isn’t it time your media channels started doing the same?

You’re working hard. Advertising Mail™ is our new direct mail product that’s been designed to help you hit your marketing targets, and save your business money, and improve your ROI, right away.

From just 16.3p per item

Pricing for Advertising Mail™ starts at an economical 16.3p per item. - giving advertisers an extremely cost-effective way to speak directly to customers and drive sales. You’ll benefit from great flexibility too.

A wide range of options

You can send your Letters and Large Letters across a wide range of delivery options: from Next Day to within 7 days - including Saturday deliveries.

The only requirements for Advertising Mail™ are that your contents are 100% advertising material and that you mail to a clean database. (We can even provide a complimentary audit of your data using Royal Mail’s Clear Prospects tool.)

25% Postage Credit

First time direct mail users will enjoy this great offer.

Current direct mail users can also choose from a range of other incentives when you contact us.

Advertising Mail Lite

Designed for teasers and follow-ups

Boost your campaign responses, with our cost-effective complementary product - and enjoy a 4.5p rebate per item* to help increase your ROI. Some customers have already seen a 10-50%** uplift in response rates. For more information, contact us.

Free consultants on hand

If you’re new to direct mail, or keen to learn as much as you can, we’re here to help you every step of the way. As a Royal Mail customer you’ll enjoy free access to a team of experts who’ve worked with thousands of other successful businesses. Now they’re ready to roll up their sleeves and help lighten your marketing workload.

Media expertise

Our media consultants can guide you right from the very beginning of your campaign. They’ll start by inspiring you with highly effective best-in-sector examples from the UK and worldwide.

Then, utilising sophisticated response rate calculators and other proprietary marketing tools they can help you plan, produce and perfect your own direct mail campaign. UK and worldwide.

Data expertise

Do you have a customer database already? If so, we can show you how to make the most of it. If not, our data consultants can your database, or help you build one. We can even provide a list of new potential customers that perfectly match your best existing customers’ demographic and lifestyle profiles.

Take, for example, our exclusive Home Movers Mailing Service. Whe
n families move, they spend more in the first 6 months than in the following 5 years. And, because we know exactly where these new potential customers live, we can ensure that you’re the first name through their door.

Finally, we can also help you track your campaign responses, measure your sales and evaluate your success.

See what Advertising Mail™ can do for your business, and meet its even more cost-effective partner Advertising Mail Light.

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Simply, no other medium can guarantee to gets your business’s foot in the door of customers so easily - and then tell your story in a format that can be retained and filed for later reference.

Direct mail can make your other integrated media channels work up to 20% harder.

As the returns from digital media decline, direct mail continues to outperform and we've invested in new Advertising Mail™ to further support this growth.

Engage all five senses

You can’t ignore DM. It has doormat drama and - a unique ability to engage all of your customer’s senses to create an immediate and more powerful connection. A message literally lands in your hands and you are called upon to take action. As a result, mail currently enjoys a 92% open rate - with 48% of all UK adults taking action as a result. That’s 21.9m people in the last 12 months.

It’s no wonder
that successful businesses have found their ROI on direct mail rising steadily over recent years - especially when part of the wider marketing mix.

The keystone of integration

Why is mail especially effective within an integrated campaign? DM is great at converting desire and intention into action with compelling, personalised information. it takes your customers and prospects on that last, most critical step of the marketing journey - to purchase.

"Tactility is a quality I envy in direct mail. Combining direct mail with TV can satisfy the appetites that TV triggers."

Tess Alps,
CEO Thinkbox.

Boost your campaigns by 20%

When you add direct mail to your overall marketing mix, you can boost your campaign ROI by up to 20%. A 2010 review of companies across all industry sectors conclusively found an average return of £3.40 for every £1 invested when DM was part of the marketing mix - compared to just £2.81 when it was overlooked.

Simply, DM has been proven to make your other media channels work harder. 20% harder.

The average increased return when DM is part of the marketing mix.

Time to have this hard working partner supporting your marketing mix?

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Over the years we’ve helped many thousands of businesses just like yours grow and prosper with direct mail. Now your business can benefit from our vast knowledge base.

25% Postage Credit

First time direct mail users will enjoy this great offer.

Current direct mail users can also choose from a range of other incentives when you contact us.

Reach the right customers at the right time

Our data and media experts can help you make the most of your existing customers as well as show you where to find your best new ones. Then they’ll help you find the right message to say and the right way to say it. Finally we’ll deliver that message right into the hands of your customers. And it is this last step that is crucial to your campaign’s success.

We deliver to every household

Unlike anybody else, we’re proud to deliver to 28 million households up and down the country - from Shetland to Scilly.

A wealth of information and resources at MMC

Royal Mail also gives you free access to our exclusive Mail Media Centre. It’s the industry hub for direct mail and the first stop for any marketers seeking inspiration, intelligence and innovation.

Based online at mmc.co.uk and in bricks & mortar at the Infobank in Covent Garden this extensive resource contains everything you could possibly want to know about direct mail - you could easily become a DM expert.:

Here’s what you can look forward to for free and as often as you like:

  • The latest industry news, research, data and customer insights at the Knowledge Centre
  • Practical guides to campaign planning, creative execution, measurement and media channels
  • 100s of case studies and results across every industry sector
  • A creative showreel of the best direct mail from all over the world
  • Expert advice from leading figures on the toughest topics

Ready to get your marketing working harder?

If you’d like to get your marketing really working for your business, then we’re ready to show you just what Advertising Mail™ can do. Let our team of advisors build you a business case for DM.

Join the thousands of other businesses that have succeeded with direct mail

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If you would like a copy of this research our consultants will be glad to share this with you.

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**Customer case studies supplied to Royal Mail

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